coconutmilkHave you noticed hipsters and athletes swigging crystal clear coconut water yet? They’ll be common soon thanks to folks like Madonna who are replacing their Evian bottles with this drink.

Harvested from green, young coconuts, sales of coconut water doubled last year and, with huge marketing initiatives planned, they’re expected to continue to grow.

This juice isn’t just popular because celebs drink it. It contains lots of beneficial things such as electrolytes and potassium and performs much like a sports drink by increasing endurance and preventing cramping. The advantage coconut water has over sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade is that it provides these nutrients without any artificial colours, flavours or additives. Brand leaders at this point are O.N.E. and, of course, Mother Nature who has the least ergometric but most biodegradable coconut water package.

Have you tried coconut water? I’ve had it when traveling in India and Indonesia but I don’t remember really loving it to be honest. I think I’d rather just stick with my trusty filtered tap water. What about you?


10 Responses to Juicy

  1. Suresh says:

    You can buy plenty of canned coconut water products at most indian restaurants/food shops. Also during the indian food festivals — there is usually a vendor that serves this straight up.
    Love coconut water, grew up on it.

  2. My sister started drinking it on the advice of her naturopath. She likes it.

    I’m not one to drink a lot of fluids during the day so don’t feel the need to change things up too much. I’d rather have my filtered tap water with a slice of lemon or even a wedge of English cucumber.

  3. Nancy says:

    I haven’t tried drinking anything out of a coconut recently, but my supermarket sells “drinking coconuts”, which have had the husks removed and the top and bottom cut into points. Apparently you’re supposed to stab a straw in and go for it. I think they’d be hard to carry on a run, though!

  4. Adrienne says:

    My supermarket carries Vita Coco brand and I tried it on a whim. I’d use it for summery cocktails, maybe, but I won’t buy it to drink again… it just wasn’t very good. Interesting, sure, but weird in a not entirely pleasant way.

  5. Sheryl Kirby says:

    The whole green coconut comes with some buyer’s remorse. They’re usually around $5 a pop at events like Afrofest, and while the coconut water is refreshing, the natural container is inconveniently large and you can’t set it down.

    As someone else mentioned, there are a number of brands of coconut water available in cans in any grocery store with a decent ethnic aisle. There’s even a brand that contains chunks of coconut meat and even roasted coconut meat. I almost always have some in the house nowadays. Regular water is my drink of choice, but it gets a little boring. Coconut water is just sweet enough and refreshing.

  6. I’d never buy it canned (other that the occasional bottled root beer, I’m usually a water girl), but I think the idea of walking around with a straw in a fresh coconut is totally cool. I’d definitely try that if I came across it.

    Maybe car manufacturers will start making drink holders bulbous and round if the trend takes flight.

  7. Diva says:

    I *have* seen coconut water cropping up in all sort of places lately! In part because of my sister-in-law who runs triathlons … she swears by it. There’s a brand here that comes in nifty little pouches and I keep meaning to try it. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  8. 24carrots says:

    I tried the ZICO Coconut water out of curiosity..I kept seeing it at my yoga studio. I was actually a little under the weather from too much wine the night before and I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect, but I did feel better after drinking the pouch. However, after drinking about 1/2, it didn’t go down quite as easy as I would have liked!

  9. Gee, reminds me of my honeymoon in Cuba – guy walking around the beach to sell the coconuts to tourists. Just a touristy gimmick when served that way
    I prefer my coconut shaved or as milk.

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