Topline Trends Tuesday: Extra crispy gets extra attention

kfcYou know, if fried chicken were a person and not a food, its story could be the basis for the movie of the week: with humble beginnings as a homespun, comforting meal that epitomized all that is good about family life, it had a supremely wholesome beginning. Later, after fried chicken rose to success as a part of our popular culture as a fast food phenomena, this much loved entrée became a pariah shunned by the fat police. Then, just when fried chicken’s prospects seemed the worst, this crispy, battered food was rediscovered to become, along with a handful of comfort foods, elevated to gourmet status by chefs. A true underdog success story if  ever there was one.

Today fried chicken is a  menu star at fashionable restaurants such as Momofuko Noodle Bar in NYC and Harlem Restaurant in Toronto while slow food mecca Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California is serving it, too.

When’s the last time you had fried chicken? Did you order it at a fancy restaurant or have some of the Colonel’s special recipe? Or, did you make it at home like I did?


12 Responses to Topline Trends Tuesday: Extra crispy gets extra attention

  1. The last time I ate fried chicken was in March when I made an oven-baked version for my husband who loves KFC. (

    I could happily live without deep fried chicken and wouldn’t order it at a high-end restaurant. Or a low-end one either, for that matter. It’s just not my weakness. But desserts? Now we’re talking!

  2. danamccauley says:

    I like oven fried versions, too but I have to say, that I’m a huge sucker for the real thing when it’s done well.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I think I ate some virtually when you posted about the picnic you brought to Oliver at camp. I still remember that post, and the photo, though it was months ago.

    The thought of fast food fried chicken makes me gag, but the thought of eating well-made fried chicken someplace upscale makes me swoon. Food snob alert!

  4. averagebetty says:

    I think fried chicken (nuggets) get such a bad rap because they are the “go-to” food for picky children.

    But upscale… homemade? Fried chicken and waffles? Now we’re talkin’! I’ve even made fried chicken with Cap’n Crunch cereal and it was good… but not as good as (my) original recipe 😉

  5. cherie says:

    I had some KFC chicken a few years ago and got so sick, even the thought of it makes me ill. Love home made fried chicken, though!

  6. Shaslam says:

    I’m with you Dana, love KFC (in fact there was one at the Plaza next to our high school–I’m sure you and I hit that a few times in grade 12–oops! was that a secret??)
    The extra crispy version in the US is something I have every time I travel south. We also enjoy the fried chicken fingers from Cracker Barrel–just like homemade! I make several versions of this family favourite including rolled in Corn Flakes which has great texture and crunch. I know there alot of chefs that soak the chicken in buttermilk–not too popular here. We just do typical breading most often or add a little Panko. I would never order this in a fancy restaurant–I would order something I don’t make at home!

  7. Its been soooo long since I had fried chicken! Now you have me craving it. Since buttermilk isn’t an option, I wonder if a yogurt bath would do the trick? mmmmmm…..

  8. How much do I love fried chicken. I can’t even count the ways.

  9. […] on fine dining dessert menus, mac and cheese with truffle oil, fancy meatloaf concoctions and the fried chicken I mentioned earlier this week on these pages, elevating retro, originally homey or down market […]

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