Pizza poll

pizzaconeWe have all been asked to ponder that philosophical question: if a tree falls in the woods and no is there to hear it, does it make a sound? I say, unless it was a fruit tree and I can score some free apples or pears without having to risk my neck on a ladder, who really cares?

No, I’m more concerned about things that really matter such as: is a pizza still pizza if it isn’t flat?

Consider the Calzone, the Cone (pictured here) and the much advertised microwavable Pizza Pocket… true iterations of pizza or pretenders? Discuss.

In other pizza related news: check out this modernized new pizza box made from recycled paper.

14 Responses to Pizza poll

  1. Rosa says:

    In my opinion, a real pizza is flat. The Calzone is the exception.



  2. I’m with you, Dana. Who cares? If it tastes good, I’m there. Fold it, roll it, leave it flat — just use quality ingredients.

    Oh, “quality ingredients” – defining THAT term is going to start the fireworks!

  3. Don says:

    I suggest adding the Chicago deep dish-style pizza to your list. While it is “mostly” flat, its high walls and toppings produce almost pie crust characteristics upon baking.

    Me, I think pizza can have many forms and encourage them because like the Chicago deep dish-style pizza, they contribute different textures and flavours. However, specific styles, like the “Pizza Napolitana” should be standardized. This way, we have distinct styles, but can manage expectations at restaurants.

    Non-negotiable characteristics of pizza for me are: crust (skillfully worked to develop chew and flavour), sauce (open-ended), meat (including fish) and/or vegetable toppings (love olives), and cheese (can even be vegan, but prefer buffalo mozz).

  4. A Calzone is a Calzone, it is not a pizza. And a cone? Nope, that’s a piece of pizza dough with pizza like toppings, but it isn’t a pizza.

  5. Diva says:

    A pizza cone?! Really?! That’s a new one on me for sure. I’m a pizza purist – its not pizza unless its pizza, flat, thin-crusted, and preferably from Modern Apizza in New Haven, CT.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I’m a thin-crust girl, too, though I’ve been known to enjoy a good calzone. A pizza cone sounds, and looks, nasty. NOT a pizza. (So there.)

    (Sorry if you made that pizza cone in the photo. No offense intended.)

  7. Barb says:

    Oh no! I am almost ashamed to say I like pizza in any form and thought the pizza cone looked novel and would love to try one. Talk about an open mind! Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

  8. Sharon Haslam says:

    So you eat the toppings with a utensil and are left with an empty cone of soggy crust–what marketing genius came up with that one?? That’s definitely not pizza–I’m not even sure if that qualifies as good eats? I think someone needs to go back to the drawing board on that one. A teeny tiny minature one bite version in a cone would be a great idea–hmmm??

  9. Dharm says:

    In my opinion, a Pizza needs to be flat. The calzone is called a different name as it IS different -its more like a foldover right?! And yes, I’ve often wondered about the tree falling and whether is makes a sound. It would make a sound, just that there is no one around to hear it… or so we are led to believe!!
    Regardless, if it tastes good, call it what you want… I say brinjal, you say aubergine…

  10. Hélène says:

    I make my own pizza dough and I like a thin pizza. I’ve never tried a calzone or a cone before.

  11. Y says:


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