Frozen fun

Sooshi-05Whether it’s in a bowl, a cone or just out of the carton or ice cream maker, I think ice cream is a fun food. Others (who likely lead more exciting lives) don’t agree. The evidence is all around in the ever  exciting ways people keep finding to make ice cream surprise and delight:

Sooshi: This New Zealand product (pictured here) combines ice cream, candies and fruit to resemble maki rolls that will please even the fish phobic.

Icecreamists: Dragging ice cream by the hair out of childhood and into the counter culture is this pop-up restaurant in London’s Selfridges department store. Its menu features alcohol-spiked ice cream concoctions (the word “sundae” just doesn’t fit) with names such as Axl Rose-water and The Sex Pistol (laced with absinthe) that kick conventional ice cream treats in the teeth.

Dippin’ Dots: These pebble-shaped ice cream orbs are sold in mall kiosks and vending machines so that you can enjoy an unusual ice cream treat any time.

Dibs: These frozen snacks are like ice cream M&M’s; they feature vanilla ice cream enrobed in a crunchy chocolate shell. The idea is that you can eat just one but in reality, you’re likely to keep grazing once you open the package.

Beyond the usual cones, sundaes and shakes, what’s the ‘coolest’ ice cream novelty you’ve seen or tasted?


15 Responses to Frozen fun

  1. Charmaine Broughton says:

    They all look YUM-O!! 😉

  2. You know I love ice cream. The sooshi looks intriguing. I’m up for that one.

    I had Dippin’ Dots back in 2000 in Australia. Not sure if they’ve changed much, but they were incredibly cold and didn’t have much taste. Perhaps because my tongue was too frozen?

    I like my ice cream best in a waffle cone, but can be cajoled into an ice cream sandwich from time to time. Ohhh. ice cream sandwiches…

  3. Diva says:

    Not a fan of Dippin’ Dots or similar products … they taste like chemicals and have the texture of styrofoam. Blech!

    Similar to the Icecreamists you mention, Dana, a local eatery in my ‘hood offers wonderful milkshakes spiked with premium bourbons and the like on their dessert menu. They are outstanding!!

    • danamccauley says:

      I’ve noticed this dessert shake with booze thing trending up on a lot of restaurant menus lately. Interesting! Perhaps we’ll see one on your blog sometime soon?

      • Diva says:

        You might see one on my blog soon … I’ve been meaning to get to it for quite some time! I’m pasting a sticky note to my laptop as a reminder … thanks, Dana!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I’m happy to try exotic flavor combinations any day of the week, but I’m a purist when it comes to form. Please don’t make my ice cream look like polka dots or fish rolls. I’ll take mine in a cone, or a cup, showered with too many sprinkles.

  5. Barb says:

    Does gelato count?

  6. Both Cheryl’s think alike on this one!

  7. Sharon Haslam says:

    I can take ice cream or leave it…not over the top about it for some reason so anything new in that department doesn’t excite me. I did enjoy a trip to the marble slab ice cream store this summer where they “mix” a bunch of stuff into the ice cream for you…it was interesting but I wouldn’t rush back. I bought a container of Lemon Gelato from the grocery store and that was probably the best thing I’ve had in awhile cause I didn’t have to leave my house to get it!!

  8. PeggyFallon says:

    My heart is with the ice cream purists, but I must admit I have always been a sucker for trompe l’oeil desserts. I love the “sushi”! Others charmed by such whimsy may want to check out ice cream “spaghetti” (pressed through a potato ricer, drizzled with strawberry red sauce, sprinkled with grated white chocolate, with chocolate truffle “meatballs”)or an ice cream “baked potato” rolled in cocoa, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with green candy “chives.” I had fun creating both of these–along with many luscious “serious” ice creams– for ICE CREAM AND FROZEN DESSERTS (DK Publishing 2007).

  9. Love the sooshi! My favorite ice cream in Toronto is Greg’s ice cream – roasted marshmallow or toffee coffee. Totally addictive.

    Peggy, your ideas are terrific. Will have to check them out!

  10. Heather says:

    I too am a purist…but my sister in law makes a wonderful ice cream cake that I can’t refuse.

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