Cool Yule

Christmas is one month away as of today. I’m stunned, to be honest. I really can’t believe that the year is almost over (life is moving so fast that I almost feel like it’s flashing before my eyes!)

Given the symmetry of the date, I’ve chosen today to launch my holiday gift guide series that I’m calling Cool Yule. Anyone can toss a bottle of wine in gift bag and make a gracious offering; however, giving gifts that are on trend and show off your good taste is so much better, don’t you think?

At about $300 I’ve chosen a high ticket item to kick off Cool Yule 2009; however, it’s just so perfect for the oenephile (that’s a wine lover, btw) on your list. This wine essence set features 40 aroma flasks that can be used to help train your nose and isolate the aromas in wine.

Besides being a great gift for a wine lover, it’s also fun to pull out at a wine tasting, so if you’re planning one during the holidays, it might make a good gift for yourself, too.

Smaller kits featuring 12 aromas commonly noted in white or red wine are also available at a considerably lower price.

Contact Browne & Co. in Canada for information on availability in your area.

6 Responses to Cool Yule

  1. What will they think of next? If you were training to be a sommelier, this kit could be a valuable part of your education. But I’d rather spend $300 on wine and enjoy my amateur status.

    While I’m no wine expert, I improved my tasting abilities simply by concentrating on the various wines I drank. It became a bit of a game to see if we could nail any of the flavours / aromas on the wine label. Of course, this takes a lot of practice — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

  2. Diva says:

    Very excited about your Cool Yule series, Dana! I’m a last minute shopper if there ever was one, so I’m going to need all the help I can get this month!

    I’ve seen this set before and briefly considered it for the husband. Its a splurge, but no doubt a fun one. I guess I wonder how much it would get used though? As in, is a one and done type of thing or would we return to it again? Plus, I have no idea where we’d store it! LOL

  3. I would love this. After our wine workshops in Penticton in September I am actually interested in learning a lot more about wine. But don’t tell Hubby, he wouldn’t like a wine snob for a wife. Sorry, I meant oenephile.

  4. My favorite wine is “Do I really have to do the dishes?” Just spoke to a friend today and his 6 year old son can recognize some wines already. He sniffs it and says “it smells like apple juice so this must be the Reisling!”

  5. Shelley says:

    Hi Dana, interesting! I have a similar wine kit that I bought in France a few years ago; it’s a professional kit, used by sommeliers. I love, love, love it; it is definitely useful and I still refer to it every once in a while. Worth the investment for anyone really interested in wine.

    Shelley Boettcher

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