The burrata trend heats up

December 23, 2008


Last holiday season when I wanted a sample of burrata cheese for a trends segment on Canada AM, I was left high and dry. You see, our taping date didn’t coincide with the jet schedule from Apulia, Italy that brought this luxuriously creamy, fresh cheese to Canada only on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

Love for this fresh, creamy-centred cheese and its cousin mozzarella is spreading across the globe in the form of restaurants. In Rome, Obika is the temple where Italian burrata worshippers gather and now they have a North American outlet in NYC, while in LA, Pizzeria Mozza is the place for lovers of this cheese to indulge. Similar concepts have recently opened in Melbourne, Australia, Bathesda, Maryland, Chicago, Illinois and soon in South Beach, Florida.

Thankfully, this holiday season, Canadians won’t have to face the devastating inconvenience of waiting for a plane to arrive or take off so that we can track down a few morsels of  this cheese because there is now a Canadian-made version of Burrata-style cheese that is shipped to specialty stores nationwide every single day!

Although the domestic version isn’t wrapped in a fresh asphodel leaf like its imported Italian cousin pictured above, it is made with fresh buffalo milk mozzarella and filled with warm curds and cream just like the original.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your holiday cheese tray special, think about serving burrata!