Topline Trends Tuesday: Ice cream trends

June 9, 2009

BenJerryIt doesn’t have to be June for my thoughts to turn to ice cream, but it does seem like an appropriate time of year to write about the latest trends in this internationally loved concoction.

1. Charity: Ben & Jerry’s and the Barenaked Ladies continue the tradition of rock and roll-inspired ice cream flavours. And, in the spirit of the times, this flavour has a strong charity link since the band will donate their portion of the proceeds to the ABC Canada Literacy Foundation. In other Ben and Jerry’s news, their UK branch has launched a fair trade line that supports small farmers.

2. Spicy: Where bacon went before, the new trend in ice cream is to add a spicy kick of heat to distract eaters from brain freeze. Even if you can’t handle a spicy ice cream, you can go to NYC and spice up your ice cream experience in another way by visiting the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

3. Tangy: Goat milk gelato and goat milk ice cream are certainly gourmet faves right now, as are buttermilk, sour cream and crème fraiche-based ice creams that have bracing finishes.

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? I have to be honest that I still have frequent cravings for Baskin & Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge as well as Hagen Daaz Dulce de Leche.

The lovely photo above of Ben & Jerry’s If I had a Million Flavors, was, once again, taken by professional food photographer Tracy Cox.