Happy Halloween – have you ever worn a food-related costume?

October 30, 2009

coolest-california-roll-sushi-boy-costume-37615Photo credit: www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com

I’ve just today realized that I’ve never had a food-related Halloween costume. I once dressed my infant son as a pumpkin but I’ve always had scary costumes myself.

One year my brother was a marshmallow but it was a costume of convenience: he was five and just out of the hospital from having pneumonia so my mom dressed him in a fuzzy white ‘fun’ fur coat of hers and threw a white hat on him so that he could go out trick or treating without catching a chill. Most people thought he was a Russian czar but he didn’t mind; he was just glad to be allowed out of bed!

Some of the best food inspired costumes I’ve ever seen are here on thee Serious Eats blog.

How about you? Any good food inspired Halloween costumes in your past or present?

Halloween treats

October 24, 2008

Many of you will be buying costumes, candy and decorations this weekend for Halloween. I love trick-or-treating –- it’s so fun to see all the houses decorated and to have kids come to the door in costume. That said, while I love a yearly binge on little chocolate bars and mini bags of chips, every year my son’s bag of loot always contains far more than anyone in our household needs or even wants to eat. In fact, usually sometime around December 1st, I throw away half a bag of stale treats that are still hanging around the house. What a waste!

I’m guessing we aren’t the only family who finds Halloween treats too much of a good thing so I urge you to pick up non-edible treats this year. Looking for ideas?

Make a trip to the dollar store for:
• Pencils
• Stickers
• Card games
• Self inking stamps
• Erasers
• Beads and string
• Crazy straws

Or go to the garden centre and buy:
• Seed packets for growing flowers in pots
• Tree seedlings (fall is the perfect time to plant!)

From the grocery store:

• Packets of raisins or Craisins 100 calorie packs

Single-serve fruit cups

• Cheese strings

• Juice boxes