No more sniff, sniff, hope for the best

February 6, 2009


I’m not big on cutesy clutter like wine charms and corncob holders but I really like these reusable ceramic cheese signs. We love cheese and are very adventurous but invariably, there is a guest who is afraid of bold cheeses or, almost as often, once the wine starts flowing, I forget the proper name for a particularly new or interesting cheese.

I bought a set of four or five a couple of years ago (I saw the same package at Kitchen Stuff Plus recently for about $10) and use them when we have parties to identify each item on the cheese board. The set comes with a dry erase marker so that you can reuse the signs easily. I just pop them in the cutlery holder and run them through the dishwasher for clean up.

Recently I realized that I could use these little signs to identify items on a buffet table and that they’d be especially useful for calling out dishes that contain allergens like nuts or eggs that my guests might need to avoid.