Mmm! Potatoes

September 17, 2009


Photo credit: James Tse

Last night I made a dinner that I was really proud to serve. My son liked it, too. In fact, we were just tucking in, enjoying our beet salads and talking about how great the beets have been this year when in walked Kayne West. He swept the salad bowl off the table and as it crashed to the floor in a million pieces he declared that while the beets had been good this year, the potatoes were the very best they’ve ever been! He said we could finish the beets that were on our plates but we just didn’t have the heart to continue. Truthfully, the moment was gone.

Now of course, this didn’t happen, but I do feel like I’ve been swooning over the very deserving beet crop an awful lot lately. Maybe it’s time that I shine the spot light on another root vegetable? So, without further ado, here goes….

Did you notice how great the potatoes are? Although we didn’t have the great summer weather that makes vacationing in Ontario a treat, somehow the potato crops have been fantastic this year! The corn has been great, too. In fact, I combined these two starchy veggies in a potato salad for a party weekend before last and it was a tremendous hit!

How do you like to prepare farm fresh new potatoes? Do you leave the skins on or peel ‘em first? And, almost more importantly, how do you think Kayne would like his potatoes prepared?

Local leaps forward

April 27, 2009


The locavore movement has been on my trend tracker’s radar for quite some time but never during my research have I found anything as inspiring as the story of the Go Ontario! Granola Bars.

Every ingredient in these additive-, preservative- and trans fat-free bars is sourced from an Ontario farm and the bars are, in turn, sold to Ontario schools to use for fundraising snack programs.

I just love this idea and hope it’s the beginning of a trend that sees more companies returning to regional food production. It’s a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of packaged foods and a wonderful way to support local producers.

Although these bars won’t be available at retail for a little while longer, I can tell you that I’ll be trying them as soon as they are on the shelf.

Other than produce and ingredients like honey and maple syrup, are products that use all local ingredients available in your area?