Cereal killers

January 8, 2009


When corn flakes were launched in 1898 the Kellogg brothers started a vast industry of convenient breakfast foods. Since then cereal trends have gone through various stages — from the sticky and colourful 60’s to the crunchy granola 70’s and the organic 90’s.

The newest innovations in the cereal category are taking convenience to the extreme since they come ready to eat from the package.

Rockit Fuel, which contains 15 whole foods, simply needs cold water to be added to be delicious (so they say). And, if you can settle for less than delicious, you can ditch the water and the spoon and just dump the package into your mouth. Weird but true.

• Slightly more appealing (at least to me) is Ready Grains, the new all-natural range of ready-to-eat cereals from Kozy Shack that are made with low fat milk. Although these cereals can be eaten cold, they can also be heated in the microwave and eaten hot, too. Perfect for a cold winter day in Canada!

Do you have a favourite breakfast cereal? I certainly do. When I have time, steel cut oats are on the menu and when time is shorter, I’m a raisin bran girl.

Note: As you know, I’ve been spending the last week or so talking about some of the emerging food trends that we’ll be seeing develop in 2009. Tomorrow you can see some of these items and a few others on Canada AM. Tune in if you can!