Cheese on a roll

May 1, 2009


In the “why didn’t I think of this?” category: Unwrap and roll mozzarella cheese!

What a fantastic idea for making cheese appetizers all your own. These sheets of mozzarella are perfect for filling with all kinds of yummy stuff. While serving the entire filled log is a terrific way to show off your cheese creativity, I’d love to try placing a thickly-sliced spiral of one of these filled cheeses on top of a toasted piece of bread to soften and warm, too.

I haven’t found a store in my area that sells this tricked out cheesy goodness, but I’ve got money in my pocket reserved to buy a pack or two as soon as I find it!

As soon as I find some, I’m going to fill one with nutless arugula pesto, roasted red peppers and chopped kalamata olives. What would you roll up in this cheesy wrapper?

Also, have you see any clever new food products lately?