D is for “mushroom”

December 9, 2008

mushrooms1Well, not really (at least not in any language that I speak); however, mushrooms exposed to the UV rays of sunlight have been discovered to be a wonderful source of the important nutrient we call Vitamin D.

Research shows that exposing mushrooms to sunlight naturally creates bio-available Vitamin D in such abundance that you can get your daily-required amount of Vitamin D from eating a 3-ounce serving of these sun-kissed fungi.

Long associated with healthy bones and the maintenance of good health, Vitamin D is often added to milk products and other foods to ensure that we get enough of it — especially in winter when many North Americans have limited exposure to the sun’s rays. Recent studies are persuading health experts to give Vitamin D even more emphasis since studies have linked this nutrient to quite a few other health benefits in addition to bone health. Recent research has shown vitamin D to be associated with a healthy heart and early results from on-going studies are suggesting a possible link between low levels of vitamin D and cancers such as colon, breast, pancreatic, and lung.

UV-treated mushrooms are not on the market yet in Canada yet  (rigorous research is being conducted by Mushrooms Canada and the Guelph Food and Technology Centre to ensure the process is 100% flawless) but SunBella mushrooms from California are now available in the United States.

Have you changed your eating or supplement habits recently due to news about Vitamin D? And, if you had access to these sun-drenched mushrooms, would you switch to them over regular mushrooms?

WTF Wednesdays

February 27, 2008

Cheese and champagneAs regular readers here know, I recently slimmed down by 15 pounds and pledged to lose six additional pounds before spring. Although I plan to maintain my new shape, I also realize that mental health is as important as physical well-being and certainly much more important than physical beauty. (Although if I were to wrangle a tri-fecta of fabulousness by achieving all three qualities of physical health, mental health and gorgeousness, I’d see no shame in the accomplishment!)

February is a cold and dreary month here in central Canada and, to be honest, the lack of sunshine can lead to vitamin D deficiencies that aren’t good for a girl’s mood. Not good at all. Just last Wednesday I found myself feeling a little blue and with an overwhelming urge for cheese and champagne (bubbles make me happy), so I wasted no time at all and laid out a spread of yummy cheese and popped a cork of Lanson. Immediately I felt a wave of good feelings!

A moment or two later when my chef sprocket hubby came into the room (the pop of a champagne cork is like a dog whistle for that man!) I was happier still to welcome him to WTF Wednesday, my impromptu party thrown for no reason than to spread happiness.

So if you feel your new year’s resolve slipping away as the days in 2008 accumulate, take a break. We all deserve a WTF Wednesday. Just be sure it isn’t followed by a Debauchery Thursday and you’ll be just fine!