Weird things you can do with vodka

January 23, 2009

skittlesvodkaPhoto credit:

Over the holidays I felt sorry for vodka. People were drinking gin martinis, Manhattans and many other spirit based drinks but vodka bottles, the former darling of the modern bar, were growing dusty on the back shelf. In fact, I made only one batch of pomegranate martinis during the whole festive season.  

Always keen to help a friend (even if it is a distilled spirit) in need, I did a little internet sleuthing and discovered that a strong faction of vodka support remains.

Check out these interesting ways to enjoy vodka. They might come in handy as you couch surf in the next few wintery weeks enjoying the return of Battlestar Galactica, Lost and Damages (oh, how I love a cocktail and a good hour long drama!):

Skittles vodka
Vodka in a tube
Sweet Tea vodka

And, if you want some truly innovative ways to use vodka around the house, consult this list.

What’s your favourite use for vodka? Do you drink it in martinis, infuse it with candies or use it as a foot odour cure like the site above recommends?



June 18, 2008

Thirsty for the latest news about this summer’s trendiest beverages? Drink in these words on the subject:

1. Cosmos – thanks to those Sex and the City gals cosmos are back! I for one look forward to having a cold, frosty, pink drink in my hand all summer long.

2. Winetails – bartenders are turning their creativity to developing sophisticated wine based cocktails (dubbed Winetails by mixologist Alex Ott). These alchemists have revitalized the hackneyed spritzer with the addition of muddled ingredients (a la mojitos), fresh pressed juices and martini making techniques. No shame in being this kind of wino.

3. Talking vodka bottles are a Russian novelty item that I think would make the ultimate hostess gift for my party animal friends (yes, Laura and Gabby, I’m looking at you!).

Bacon infused vodka for breakfast

April 10, 2008

Dave Gerry

At the risk of turning this into TV week, I’m going to tell you yet another story about morning TV. About a week ago I went to Vancouver to prepare entrées that use Jif peanut butter as an ingredient on Breakfast Television.

When I arrived at the studio for my segment, co-host Dave Gerry was setting up the kitchen to make Caesar cocktails from vodka that he had infused with bacon. As readers of my Topline Trends newsletter know, smoky bacon is a massively popular flavour right now at every level of cuisine. (Believe it or not when my husband Martin was in Israel last fall, bacon was even big there!) Needless to say, Dave’s experiment set my trend tracking senses atingle. Turns out he found the instructions for making this vodka online at the Brownie Points blog and thought it sounded fun.

After the segment (that’s Dave and Sima Sara on air above), I tried his vodka and can declare that it was, in fact, redolent of porky goodness; however, the flavor was pretty subtle so if you make this concoction yourself, use it for martinis instead of the Caesars Dave made or choose a double smoked bacon to use in the infusion to amp up the flavour.

If Caesars aren’t your thing, New York Magazine has yet another way to add bacon to your booze.