RIP Soupy Sales


Good ole Soupy Sales. What a life he lived! He almost single handedly supported the cream pie industry. By the comics own count he was hit in the face with at least 20,000 pies – almost all of them filled with creamy, custardy goodness.

Friday night, driving to the Chocolate Ball, I heard an archive interview between Soupy and the late, great Canadian journalist Barbara Frum where Soupy admitted that there was, even for him, always a moment of pure humiliation when you’re hit in the face with pie.

Inspiring words that had me making a mental list of the people I’d like to hit in the face with pies…

  1. Lady Gaga who is so over played on Toronto radio stations that I want to scream. (Seriously. If I hear that crappy Papparazi song one more time, I’ll start whipping cream and rolling out pastry!)
  2. The dude too busy talking on his phone while he drove to take a moment to wave when I totally went out of my way to let him in on Saturday.
  3. Every air-duct cleaning company owner that calls me – despite being on the do not call list – while I’m watching Jeopardy! or eating my dinner. (For them, I’ll use salt instead of sugar in the pie since I really want them to suffer.)

I’m sure there are more but I don’t really want to dig too deep into my bitterness reserve. Soupy likely wouldn’t approve. He was a man who devoted his life to making people laugh after all.

But, I will ask you these questions before I sign off for today:  have you ever been hit in the face with a pie?  If so, what was it like?  And, if you could wallop someone with a cream topped pastry crust, who would it be?

14 Responses to RIP Soupy Sales

  1. danamccauley says:

    Oh. My. God. Since I wrote this post yesterday, I discovered that the idiot back door neighbour at my test kitchen has come onto my property and vandalized my 15 foot cedar hedge by cutting off all the branches from about four feet until the ground. So much for our privacy screen around the vegetable garden!

    And, to top it off, he left all the branches on my side in a terrible mess. For him, I’d like to bake an acid pie and rub it in his big fat, arrogant face. Instead I just tossed the branches over the fence so he could clean them up and left him a scathingly sarcastic note. I’m bitter people. Very bitter. Well over 70% bitter to be truthful.

  2. I don’t blame you for feeling bitter Dana that is horrid.

  3. Daniel says:

    Great, great photo! And I could easily run down a *really* long list of people who should be “pied” from my former career on Wall Street. But like you said, I don’t want to dig too deep into my bitterness reserve, either. 🙂

    Casual Kitchen

  4. Y says:

    All those things would make me angry too! Despite that, I would never pie anyone, because it just seems like a shame to waste a good pie ;P

  5. cherie says:

    Oh Dana, I’m totally with you on the Lady Gaga issue! Let’s make some pies!lol

  6. Oh, Dana! I was going to make mini-pies to smush all over my cats. They broke the hand-painted wooden box my husband gave me as a wedding present, along with a special souvenir from Australia that I kept inside it.

    But they’re just cats and don’t know any better.

    On the other hand, your neighbour? He knows what he did. I’ll donate my pies to your cause. Thwappp!!

  7. Barb says:

    I am speechless regarding your neighbor. I cannot cannot belive someone would do that. Surely some sort of conversation between the two of you must happen before someone would resort to that? I would be furious.

    I have never been hit with a pie. I hope I never am. I think that is one of those things that is funnier when it happens to someone else!

  8. Can I add really slow walkers to the list? I’m not sprinting down the street, but pay attention people! Oh wait, that means my kid needs a pie.

  9. Cheryl says:

    I can think of a few people I’d like to hit in the face with a pie, including the mean boy who used to tug my braid on the school bus in 1978, but what I’m even more interested in is who might want to hit ME in the face with a pie. Now THAT would be an interesting tidbit to discover!

    • danamccauley says:

      That is an interesting question.

      I think you just need to visit my horsemeat, foie gras and shark fin blog posts to find a couple of hundred people who want to humiliate me in some way. It staggers me to imagine how long the list of people actually might be. Yikes!

  10. Liz says:

    I’m late to the party here…I’ve been hit in the face with pies since I was 11. I was a child actor and it used to happen to me all the time. At first it was upsetting. My senses were inundated and I couldn’t take being laughed at. Once I got used to it I actually used it to milk attention as a teen. In college, my friends and I always pranked each other and it was awesome. Now, because people know I did this, I get pulled into doing all kinds of fundraisers and carnival setups where I have to pull on a poncho and have pies lobbed at my face. Hate to admit it – I still like it (other than the odor of stale cream the next day)!

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