$10 dinners – can it be done?

October 22, 2008

In the aftermath of recent worldwide economic woes, two US grocers have launched promotions that promise consumers dinners for four that can be served for under $10 US. Likewise, fine dining restaurateur Danny Meyer wrote in the New York Times’ Bitten Blog about how he created a dinner party for four using a $20 US food budget.

I’m a bit shame-faced to say that I really don’t know how much I usually spend to make dinner. Even though we’re only three people, I fear that it often takes more than $10 to feed us. After all, my favourite extra virgin olive oil sells for $18 a bottle and I have more than one kind of salt in the cupboard with a price tag that is close to $10.  I fear I may have run amok. 

Do you have a cheap, wholesome and delicious dinner solution that you’d like to share? And, how closely do you monitor your food budget?  Am I the only one who has no idea how much her dinner choices cost?