Hydrotherapy: stylish recycling

April 6, 2009

bistrowatercarafesLike many people, I used to buy bottled water frequently. My main motivation was convenience although I have to admit that I wasn’t smart enough not to buy into the notion that imported water was better than the stuff out of my tap. (Yes, I was a victim of marketing, it’s true!). As my awareness of the carbon footprint I was enlarging by trucking water around the globe grew, I reevaluated my habits.

Now I use my Sigg water bottle when I’m on the go. And at home, when I want to take water to the table to share, I fill up these old Tavel wine bottles. The look is fun and the bottles are easier to pour from than a heavy pitcher.

Besides making these small changes in your own behaviour that will help the planet, you can help the almost 890 million earthlings who still must use unsafe drinking water sources. It’s as easy as making a small donation to the TAP Project which collects funds for UNICEF’s water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in developing countries.

I know we are knee deep in a sea of recessionary tears, but if we all skip buying bottled water at lunch time or the gym a couple of times this week and donate that money instead, we can make a significant impact.

Have your drinking water habits changed in the last two years? If so, how?